Otter® provides automated meeting notes for your team's Zoom meetings.  Save time and money by adding action items, comments and highlights directly to the meeting notes. 

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Connect your Google or Microsoft calendar and schedule your Otter Assistant to auto-join Zoom to take and share meeting notes.  You can even join  Zoom meetings directly from Otter.  If you are running late or can’t make it, no worries - Otter Assistant has you covered.

Otter records and take notes for everyone, so that you can fully engage in the conversation. Meeting participants can highlight, add comments, and assign action items.  The Takeaways panel inside Otter shows all these key takeaways.  No need for separate email follow-ups!

With a single click, you can add a meeting slide directly in the Otter notes.

Meeting notes include a summary of keywords and with Otter Business there is an Automated Outline to help you quickly navigate the meeting notes.  Search, read the notes, and playback the audio.  Assign any additional action items or add comments or questions to the notes.

ZOOM Meetings Made Better

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Plans & Pricing

  • Which Zoom plans do I need to get all my Zoom meetings transcribed in Otter?

    By connecting your Microsoft or Google work calendar and enabling Otter Assistant - there is no special Zoom plan needed to record and transcribe all your meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Otter for individuals or businesses

    Otter is most valuable when used to collaborate with colleagues and clients.  We offer Otter Basic, Otter Pro, and Otter Business plans with pricing and features matched to the needs of individuals, students, teams, organizations, and enterprises.

  • Can I use Otter to capture conversations other than Zoom meetings?

    Absolutely! Otter is where all your conversations live. Record and replay from Otter, import audio or video files, or have your friends share Otter notes with you.

  • What can I use Otter for?

    Otter is ideal for note-taking at meetings, interviews, and lectures, as well as transcribing videos, podcasts, and webinars. Otter can also serve as an assistive aid for deaf, hard-of-hearing, ESL, and people living with disabilities.

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