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"We are excited to be partnering with, to enrich the Zoom user experience with live transcription."

Chief Product Officer at Zoom

Oded Gal

Founder at Draper Associates/ DFJ/Draper University

Tim Draper

"I am possibly their most enthusiastic supporter. We are using it. And we're using it for almost every venture meeting."

Senior UX designer at Macmillan Learning

Tina Bizaca

“I didn’t have to write or find my own notes. I could just search, re-listen to it, make sure it was right, and link to that spot directly.”

Thousands of leading companies, organizations, and universities succeed with

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Otter makes team meetings more productive and collaborative with automated meeting notes and transcription that include key takeaways and action items. 

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Digital Communication Manager at the New York City Housing Authority

Dupe O. Ajayi

"[Otter] has really been a lifesaver as it frees up space for me to be present and to not stress over writing down exactly what was just said."

Companies and organizations trust Otter

Automated Meeting Notes

Your team, synced

Your knowledge, retained

Your work, completed

Otter makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information in a searchable archive.

Transform your meetings into key decisions and action items that will never get lost or disorganized.

Stay focused and engaged in meetings, enabling meetings to drive actions, instead of wasting time.

Otter enables everyone on the team to be fully present during the meeting, and gives the team shareable notes that sync audio, text and images.

Connect your Google or Microsoft calendar and schedule your Otter Assistant to auto-join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to take and share meeting notes.  You can even join your virtual meetings directly from Otter.  If you are running late or can’t make it, no worries - Otter Assistant has you covered.

Otter records and take notes for everyone, so that you can fully engage in the conversation. Meeting participants can highlight, add comments, and assign action items.  The Takeaways panel inside Otter shows all these key takeaways.  No need for separate email follow-ups!

With a single click, you can add a meeting slide directly in the Otter notes.

Meeting notes include a summary of keywords and an Automated Outline to help you quickly navigate the meeting notes.  Search, read the notes, and playback the audio.  Assign any additional action items or add comments or questions to the notes.

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